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What happens during a tax debt consultation
During your free consultation, we will review your notice and assess the situation. We will lay out the tax relief process for you and what to expect in each of the different phases. If you choose to move to the next phase (Discovery phase), we will collect a one-time Discovery fee.
How much will my tax debt resolution cost?
No two tax debt situations are the same. Just because you owe a lot doesn’t mean that the resolution will be expensive. We only charge you fixed flat fees, unlike many other providers, who may charge by the hour.
What happens during the discovery phase
During our Discovery phase, we are trying to thoroughly understand your tax situation, along with your financial situation. For your tax situation, we want to discover if this is the actual tax debt owed. Sometimes there could be a misunderstanding or missing information that could alter that tax debt amount. We want to do that homework to see if what the IRS says you owe appears to be correct.

For your financial situation, this is one of the primary things that the IRS will look at to assess your ability to pay and whether you qualify for some of the resolution options available. So it’s a really important component for us to analyze and understand.

At the end of the Discovery phase, we’ll have a good idea of what your tax relief resolution options are and we’ll create and recommend a resolution plan that’s right for you.
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